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Mothers of the ‘Live In The D’ crew chime in about what it’s like to be a mom

To celebrate Mother’s Day, the “Live In The D” team invited the moms of our behind the scenes team to join the show. We wanted to get their perspectives about being a mom.

Tati Amare hosted the show with her mom, Elizabeth Kassahun, along with guest host Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan. They spoke with Teri Kuhlman, the mother of “Live In The D” Executive Producer Jay Kuhlman, Debbie Newman who is the mother of Producer Natalie Newman, and Jill Huiskens, the mom of intern Megan Huiskens.

First, Tati asked the moms if the relationship changes as kids become adults. Debbie said, “Big time!” “If it doesn’t, it should,” added Teri. Jill said, “As they grow older you need to be a listener and you get to have more fun with them.”

Next, Jon asked how often a child should call their mother. Tati’s mom said every day. Teri and Debbie said it doesn’t have to be every day, if their kids live nearby.

The conversation moved to how it’s different raising girls versus boys. “Girls are more expensive, I think,” Jill said. Meanwhile, Elizabeth said that boys eat a lot.

Teri is a mom of twin boys, so Jon asked her what it’s like to be the mother of twins. Teri explained that she’s only had twins, so it’s all that she knows. “The always had a best friend,” she said.

Watch the video above to hear more of their conversation.

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