Hank Winchester

Local 4 Reporter

In 2001, Hank joined the Local 4 family and in doing so returned to his hometown.

The metro Detroit native is happy to be working in the community his family has called home for generations.

Hank works as both a reporter and anchor at Local 4 and he's had the opportunity to cover some of the biggest stories across the country and right here at home.

He reported from Washington after 9/11, filed reports from Florida during Hurricane Wilma, covered President Ford's funeral and the Virginia Tech massacre.

In Detroit, his work covering the murder of local mother, Tara Grant was featured on Dateline NBC. He also has landed exclusive interviews with Jack Kevorkian after his release from prison and Susan Lefevre. Lefevre contacted Hank from prison to share her story about her escape from prison and surprising arrest 30 years later.

Detroit Lions fans will remember the exclusive interview Hank did with Bill Ford, Jr. Ford spoke out for the first time about the Lions losing 2008 season and his disappointment with then General Manager Matt Millen. Within days, Millen was fired.

Hank has been honored with several Emmy awards for his work and has been recognized by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and the Associated Press.

He is a proud Chippewa, graduating from Central Michigan University. Hank has also worked at several television stations, including stops in Marquette, Lansing, Flint/Saginaw and Miami, Florida. The sunshine was nice in Miami, but there is no place like home.

In his free time, Hank enjoys running, traveling and spending time with his family and friends.

He completed the Detroit Marathon in 2002.

Hank and his partner live in Oakland County.