Alumni of Detroit's old Redford High School have fond memories of burned out school

2 Detroit firefighters hurt while battling flames at old Redford High School

The historic Detroit Redford High School burned Thursday morning after vandals most likely got inside and set a fire on the second floor gymnasium.

The fire spread to the third floor before it could be put out.

Many graduates still live and work nearby on the northwest side of the city and came to see the damage for themselves.

Even the president of the alumni association came over dressed in a Big Red T shirt and a Redford Huskies bandana on his head.

Redford High was open for 83 years before it was shuttered after the 2007 graduating class.

IMAGES: Fire rips through Detroit's former Redford High School

Scars of scrappers can be seen around the old football field and track where champions played over the years behind the school. But the fire today, has no value.

Some of the crew members with the Detroit Fire Department who were part of the two-alarm response are graduates.  Two firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion with temperatures hovering around 90 degrees for a third day.