'Balloon Boy' Falcon Heene is fronting a metal band

'The Heene Boyz' include Falton Heene, brother Rio and Bradford


SPRING HILL, Fla. – Who could possibly forget the "Balloon Boy?"


--Map showing route of balloon which floated above Colorado. Falcon Heene's dad made a false claim the boy was inside

Three years ago Falcon Heene was exploited by his dad in a hoax involving a homemade flying saucer that soared across Colorado.  Millions of television viewers watched live, afraid that Falon could be inside.  Instead, it was all a big lie.  Falcon was never on board the balloon. His dad, Richard Heene, was sentenced to 90 days in federal prison and forced to be a $47,000 fine for the hoax.


Now, the 9-year-old and his brothers Ryo, 12, and Bradford, 13, are collectively known as the Heene Boyz, or "the world's youngest heavy metal band," as their dad calls them.

The Broward-Palm Beach (Fla.) New Times the "Boyz" reports the boys practice and perform near their home in Spring Hill, Florida.  The family moved to Florida in 2010.

According to the Broward-Palm Beach New Times:

All three are dressed in black T-shirts and jean shorts. They have long, luxurious black hair that falls to their waists and would make a Kardashian look bald by comparison. These manes whip around like windmills as the boys thrash.

Falcon wails, "What do we do? Hang out in the park/Joey's out playing in the dark/Oh my God—bored out of my mind/Adults don't treat kids so effin' kind."

When it's time for the guitar solo, Bradford nails it one-handed, Eddie Van Halen style. Falcon plucks bass strings with his teeth. When finished, they grin, make devil horns, and do handstands.

The walls are covered with faded family photos, kids' paintings, chore charts, to-do lists, printouts of scientific data, and schedules ("Get up, read books, work out, do schoolwork, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse"). Then there are the typed affirmations on plain white office paper. A couple of these say, in all caps: "HEENE BOYZ WANT RECORD DEAL!" and "HEENE BOYZ WILL TOUR WITH METALLICA."

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