Mother of 4 needs help fixing hole in roof

High winds leave massive tree, hole on family's roof

DETROIT – A Detroit family is trying to cope with damage to their home after high winds knocked down a massive tree onto their roof.

The Woods family says they can not afford to fix the problem and they're desperate to get some help.

Enduring the bitter cold is one thing, but doing so with a giant hole in your roof is another story.

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Winds knocked down a massive Ash Tree onto Charlotte Wood's roof. It scared her son half to death about 4:30 a.m. on Sunday.

"All of a sudden he comes in he's frantic we can't get him to calm down, all we know was that something in the back was very very wrong," Woods said.

The family is buying the house on land contract and Woods admits foolishly that she let the homeowner's insurance lapse.

Woods is attending school full time and on state assistance. She lives in the home with her four children and says she can't afford to fix the hole in the roof or get the tree removed.

"We're all just camping out in the front room ya know where there is heat and warmth. Thank god it didn't produce any electrical damage where there's no light in, no heating and ya know, that sort of thing," Woods said.

Local-4 got on the phone Tuesday and searched for a tree service to fix the mess. We found one to do the job. Late this afternoon, Tru-Cut Tree Service of Farmington agreed to attack the tree and get it off the roof. The family was ecstatic.

There is much more work to do. The roof trusses were crushed by the tree and she will need roofing help.

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