Residents file class action suit against Marathon Oil after Detroit refinery explosion, fire

SW Detroit residents file class action lawsuit seeking answers on refinery explosion, fire

It was a massive fire with explosions that rocked a community and forced an evacuation.

It has been nearly a week since a tanker fire erupted at the Marathon Petroleum Refinery in southwest Detroit. Jason Bastien still can't get over what he recorded outside his front door.

"A few minutes ... we were scared to death," he said.

Thousands of resident were evacuated from their homes.

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"The smell was just atrocious, I was light-headed. I was dizzy," said Bastien. "I was nauseous. My nose started burning immediately, my throat."

Bastien now joins a number of the residents in a class action lawsuit against Marathon Oil.

"I believe we're owed an explanation," he said. "I believe we're owed answers and I would like to see, you know, this isn't even about compensation."

There have been reports of strong lingering odors. The residue left behind after the fire is of major concern.

Bastien's lawyer released a statement which reads in part: "These people were forced to flee their homes and want to know what is being done to prevent this from happening again."

It's still unclear why the tank burned.