Police: Ex-Detroit Lions player in trouble for alleged jailhouse hit list

Mark Grabowski accused of asking inmates to kill son's mother, judge while serving time for kidnapping

Police are investigating former Detroit Lions player Mark Joseph Grabowski for allegedly asking inmates to kill several people, including the judge who sentenced him to jail for kidnapping his son last August.

Circuit Judge David Reader sentenced Grabowski to serve 90-days in the Livingston County Jail for not returning his 11-year-old son to the mother, who has custody of the boy.

"Once we started looking into it we found that there was about five inmates, three there that had been approached, two that were just witnesses and heard the conversation about doing hits," said Livingston County Sheriff Bob Bezotte.

Grabowski, according to a friend denies the allegations. He was released from jail in early April and is now working as truck driver.

What happened prior:

Mother Kelly Evans says she went to pick up her son from the former defensive lineman's Milford home and realized something was wrong.

"There were no cars. The windows were all covered. The dogs were gone," she said. Authorities say Grabowski took his son on out of state to South Dakota.

The FBI found Grabowski and son following a wide-ranging search on Sept. 7 on a hunting ranch in Platte.

Grabowski remains free while the Livingston County Sheriff's department investigates the new allegation against him. Meanwhile the court custody battle continues between Evens and Grabowski.

Evens' lawyer says she will file a motion to stop Grabowski from seeing his son until the allegations are investigated.

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