Update: New hidden camera video from inside Bob Bashara's dungeon

'Sex dungeon' in basement of Grosse Pointe Park building expected to play key role in Jane Bashara murder trial

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. – A Grosse Pointe Park building owned by Bob Bashara at the time of his wife's 2012 murder now is for sale.

The building is almost empty since most of the tenants have taken off, but what's still hidden inside likely will play a key role in the case against Bob Bashara.

A door to the basement leads to his secret sex dungeon. For the first time, cameras have captured what is in the space. To the Local 4 Defenders' surprise, the dungeon that made headlines and that Bashara denied existed is still stocked.

There is a bed in the corner, and ax on the floor and up on the wall is a sword. A mirror looks down on the bed.

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Hooks in the room were used with rope to tie up people in the dungeon. There is a motorized device on the floor.

Then there is a cabinet filled with rope, candles and adult items.

A woman named Lynn spent time with Bashara in his dungeon. She also went to police when she saw him on TV after the news broke about his wife's murder.

Lynn went back into the dungeon last week with an undercover Local 4 producer and hidden cameras.

"There were no windows. It was dark. But even when I was in there it was lighted with lamps," said Lynn. "But there were like medieval time lighting fixtures as well."

According to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, Bashara has worked to get witnesses to lie and to help hide key parts of information. However, he has shockingly left the dungeon in tact. The whips, chains and toys are all still there in the basement behind a locked door.

It will all play a role in the murder trial.

"There is probably a lot of great circumstantial evidence in the case. Why would it be relevant as it relates to anything that Bob has done is probably more about motive and why he wanted to kill his wife," said legal expert Todd Flood.

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