Defenders: The mystery woman in Detroit EM emails

Messages between Gov. Rick Snyder, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing passed through personal Yahoo account


DETROIT – The Local 4 Defenders have uncovered new emails between Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and a mystery woman who he was allegedly using as a secret method of communication to keep residents and the city council in the dark about the city's emergency manager.

The emails give the impression that Bing was trying to make sure there was no paper trail leading back to him on the choosing of Kevyn Orr as the emergency manager.

Emails would be sent to a woman by the name of Sue and she would relay the information to the mayor.


According to the emails, Sue used a private Yahoo account to pass messages from Bing to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's consultant regarding the hiring of Orr.

One email reads, "This is the mayor's nom de plume private email managed by a trusted confidante of many years. For reasons we all understand, we wish to stay below the radar for a few weeks on Detroit planning."


Detroit activist Robert Davis obtained the emails through a lawsuit.

"So, this is his way of circumventing the law and not being transparent to the citizens of the city of Detroit," Davis said.

In another email, Snyder's consultant addresses Bing setting up a secret meeting, "I think lunch would be better held in your offices for the sake of privacy … there may be others in town at the Metropolitan Club who may put things together before we are ready to go public."

Sue responds to the email with, "I have given the mayor this information; I will be available to assist as needed."

"The emails clearly indicate that there was absolutely no chance in hell that the city council or the citizens of the city of Detroit was going to get a fair shot  in this process," Davis said.

The emails are from almost a full month before Snyder and the mayor are supposed to be aware of candidates.

Response from Detroit mayor:

"Sue Ray Is an administrative assistant in the Mayor's office. She facilitates communication between the Mayor and individuals at all levels of business, government and the community.  There has never been any attempt to communicate in any way to circumvent a Freedom of Information Act request.

Mayor Bing has always said that he met briefly with Kevyn Orr, at the State's request, during a business trip to Washington.  The State indicated at that time that Kevyn Orr was the leading candidate for the job of Emergency Manager.  The Mayor had no role in selecting Kevyn Orr as Emergency Manager."