Do emails show Mike Duggan helped advise in search for Detroit emergency manager?

Emails may reveal Detroit mayoral candidate was involved in governor's, treasurer's search for city's emergency manager

DETROIT – Mike Duggan is no shrinking violet.

On Wednesday, when asked about emails revealing he was advising Gov. Rick Snyder's aide and State Treasurer Andy Dillon on potential hires for Detroit emergency manager, Duggan said it was no big deal.

"Andy Dillon is a friend of mine and it's not unusual for him to call me up and ask me about people all the time, but I had nothing to do with Kevyn Orr. I did not know Kevyn Orr was a candidate, wasn't consulted on any of that," said Duggan.

Activist Robert Davis obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information lawsuit. He says it's outrageous that the governor's and State Treasurer's offices would ask only one candidate for mayor about who to hire to run the city.

One email from Dillon reads, "Duggan's advice weeks ago when (blank) came up was that there is a role for him but not at the top spot. I'm starting to see the wisdom in that."

Another email from a governor's aide mentions a dinner with Duggan and reads, "I would ask your forbearance for a bit longer while the financial review team completes its work and engages with Mike. They will need a week before tendering their findings to Governor Snyder."

Duggan, who is considered a turnaround expert, says it makes sense they asked for his advice insisting they asked for a lot of opinions including preachers and other politicians.

"What the email shows is that I was lobbying very hard for them to stop the emergency manager. And when I was there they told me they had just met with Sheriff Napoleon and we'd been up to meet with him as well. So, I assume they were meeting with multiple people during this process," said Duggan.

Davis says the emails tell another story -- the story of Lansing's power players supporting Duggan for mayor and not making a move without running it by Duggan.

"They were all advised to run their recommendations through no other than Mr. Duggan, as the emails clearly state," said Davis.