Slimy mold appears in Capri Sun juice pouch

This is one of a few cases that have surfaced in the last few months


DETROIT – A Sacramento woman's photo of what appears to be a worm blocking her straw in a Capri Sun has gone viral.

The woman tells CBS Sacramento that the drink belonged to her boyfriend's little brother. He noticed the straw was blocked and handed it over to her. She pulled out the straw and there it was: a strange, yucky substance that looked like a worm.

"It was like slimy and like whitish like pink. It was just like it was gross," she says.

Kraft Foods makes Capri Suns and addressed the photo.

"We can't say for certain without examining the pouch in question, but it does look like mold we have seen in the past. Although it's very rare, because Capri-Sun does not contain any artificial preservatives, it is possible for food mold to grow inside a pouch that has been punctured and is exposed to air."

Kraft offered the woman a replacement case of the drink, but she is having none of that.

"I have little brothers, cousins, sisters, and I don't want them to drink that and have that come up. That's foul," she said.

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