Detroit family outraged over officer's alleged forceful arrest

Officer struggles to subdue woman resisting arrest

DETROIT – The family of a Detroit woman arrested last weekend is outraged over what they feel was excessive force used by the officer involved.

Shakia Johnson, 28, was stopped by officers in the parking lot of a party store on West 7 Mile Road near Lahser Road. She was ticketed for driving without using a seat belt, having no driver's license, no registration for the car and driving with expired license plates.

When the officer told Johnson the car would have to be impounded, she became angry. Security video from the party store showed Johnson putting her finger into the officer's face.

When Johnson's mother, Norbaline Graves, viewed the video, she was asked if her daughter was acting in a belligerent manner.  Graves said no.

When the officer proceeded to arrest Johnson, the video shows her resisting, but even after seeing the video, Norbaline Graves continued to disagree.

"I don't see her resisting arrest," Graves said.

The officer struggled with Johnson, slamming her to the ground, pulling out his handcuffs and hitting her twice.

"When I saw the video of this, (it's) not called for any circumstances," Norbaline Graves said.

Store owner Eddy Abro witnessed the incident. He decided to step in.

"I went out and said, 'Stop, stop hurting her,'" Abro said.

Cellphone video recorded after the arrest showed Johnson in the back seat of a police car with bruises on her face.

A spokesperson with the Detroit Police Department described the level of resistance Johnson gave as high, and said the arresting officer followed protocol.

The department is still reviewing the video.