High-speed police chase ends on EB I-696 with guns drawn

2 arrested after police stop white SUV just past Mound Road


DETROIT – Two people were arrested Thursday morning after being chased down by police for several miles on eastbound I-696.

Detroit police said they were pursuing the SUV for reckless driving, but it refused to stop. Moreover, the vehicle had been stolen earlier in the morning. The chase ensued, northbound on Southfield Road and onto I-696.

Aerial video: Police chase down I-696

The SUV sped in and out of traffic until it exited on Mound Road, but suddenly veered left over the grassy shoulder and back onto I-696.


The SUV eventually stopped a short distance later and was surrounded by officers with their guns drawn.

Police said the SUV is stolen and the suspects are minors -- who are not cooperating.


Detroit police Sgt. Michael Woody said Michigan State Police helped lead the pursuit on the interstate and other agencies, including Detroit police, followed in support. Detroit police chased the vehicle for miles.

"During the chase there were several vehicles that were side-swiped," said Woody. "No injuries that were reported."

Woody said something was tossed out of the suspects' vehicle. It appeared to be a weapon but they aren't sure yet.

"We are currently searching that area (I-696 and Woodward Avenue) to try and recover whatever object that was," he said.