Delecktables: Chocolate dipped bottles


For Janet Leck, her home kitchen is her office. She dips wine and beer bottles into perfectly paired and deliciously creamy chocolate. She aptly calls her business Delecktables.

"My last name is 'Leck' l-e-c-k so its 'delectables' with a 'k'. So it just kind of worked," Leck said.

Janet first wraps the bottles with a small ribbon (so you can later get the chocolate off) and some plastic wrap. Then, she artfully drizzles on the chocolate - white, dark, milk, you name it! Using her arts and crafts background, she packages the bottle in a clear cellophane bag and wraps it with a decorative ribbon and a bead.

"I add a little bit of value, I add a little bit of ribbon, I dip it, I add beads, just to make it different," Leck said.

Leck does a lot more than just dip wine bottles though, she also sells chocolate covered coffee beans and she can make a chocolate bar shaped like just about anything.

"We have the molder," She explains. "He can mold anything that anybody wants. We just have to send him either a picture or a product."

Janet Leck started Delecktables back in January after she lost her job at Aco Hardware due to downsizing after the Ace/Aco merger. She always wanted to own her own business and this was the perfect opportunity.

"Always. Always," Janet insists. "Even when I was in college. Always. I just never had the courage."

Leck used to dip bottles for her friends as gifts, but turning it into a business presented her with some difficulties. She says, "The hardest part is money and once you kinda say 'It'll work out,' and keep forging ahead then its ok."

Now Delecktables is starting to grow and she says she is happy with her decision.

"I love that I'm doing this now for myself and for my family," Leck states. "It's everything I did before but it's for me and for my family, not necessarily for a company."

The best part of it all, it's fun.

"It's fun!" Janet explaims. "It's great and really I don't even eat a lot of it. I love chocolate but it's not like I'm sitting here eating it. Everyone's like 'oh my gosh, you're probably eating it all day' and 'I'm like, no, no I'm really not."

Since she said it was so fun I thought I would give it a try. My experience went something like "Oh gosh, I'm getting chocolate every where! Is this how it is supposed to look?" It was a chocolaty mess to say the least, but I must admit it was enjoyable and it certainty was tasty!

Janet Leck dips bottles for $15 each; you must provide the bottle. For more information and pricing visit her website at www.delecktables.com.