Warren Evans ousts Ficano for Wayne County executive

Warren Evans
Warren Evans

DETROIT – Warren Evans made his first public appearance Wednesday morning at the Democratic Unity Breakfast at Wayne State University after ousting incumbent Robert Ficano in the Wayne County Executive Democratic primary race Tuesday night.

"We ran a good campaign, I think. We stayed on tract. We stayed on course, and we built momentum as we went through," said Evans.

The former Wayne County sheriff and Detroit police chief said Ficano called him to concede early in the morning.

"I did receive a call from him this morning, a voicemail, it was a little too late for me to pick up the phone, so I will probably talk to him later today," said Evans.

Ficano finished 5th in the race, carrying just 6 percent of the vote. Evans carried 44 percent while Westland Mayor Bill Wild had 26 percent.

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We asked Ficano at his office Wednesday morning if he believes the scandals plaguing his administration over the last few years cost him votes.

"The interesting thing is that I've been in office 32 years. You're always going to have some ups and downs and it's really how you recover from it," said Ficano.

Evans is expected to be elected to the post in November in the heavily Democratic county.

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