Flashpoint: Political candidates battle, student examines race in Detroit

Devin Scillian hosts political roundtable discussion in 3rd segment

DETROIT – This week's episode of Flashpoint got off to a top start as Devin Scillian welcomed political candidates from the 11th district to the set. Republican Dave Trott and Democrat Bobby McKenzie discussed some of the issues surrounding elections and emotions certainly played a role in the conversation. You can watch the first half of this segment in the video posted above and the end of the segment below.

Video 1 embed

In the second segment, experts discussed graduate student Alex B. Hill's research on how race plays into Detroit's renaissance.

You can take a look at the results of his study by clicking here. Guests on the topic included Darci McConnell, Karla Henderson, Rachel Lutz and Dennis Archer, Jr. The second segment is posted below.

Second video embedded

Next, Devin held a political roundtable discussion with Nolan Finley, Nancy Kaffer, L. Brooks Patterson and Brandon Jessup. The group talked about endorsements and the state-of-the-campaigns as the election approaches.

You can watch the third segment in two parts in the videos below.

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4th video embedded

Finally, Devin ended the show with another edition of 3 and Out, taking a look at three of the top stories from this week. Devin recaps stories that you may have missed throughout the week.

To view 3 and Out, click on the video below.

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