Starved, abandoned dog rescued in Detroit

'Katniss Everdeen' being cared for by rescue organization, but will need permanent home

DETROIT – A dog that was left for dead on a Detroit street is now getting some of the help she needs.

A Good Samaritan picked up the dog Oct. 29 when it was found in crate that was left on an east side street.

 The nonprofit organization "4 Paws 1 Heart" is caring for the dog at Harper Woods Veterinary Hospital.

"We decided to name her Katniss Everdeen because after a character on the ‘Hunger Games' she has a lot of strength for survival," said organization co-founder and veterinary technician Gina DeLuca.

Katniss, a mixed breed, is severely underweight and has trouble standing because of how confined she was in the crate. She underwent surgery to remove blanket material that she likely ingested in an attempt to fill her stomach.

DeLuca said Katniss should be able to make a full physical recovery, but will need time to heal from her mental trauma.

"This is so unnecessary and avoidable," DeLuca said. 

Katniss will be up for adoption.

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