Man accused of recording women in porta-potties at Ypsilanti park

Police arrest man after several eye-witness accounts at Candy Cane Park

YPSILANTI, Mich. – A man was arrested Thursday after three witnesses claimed he cut holes in two portable toilets and recorded women using the restroom.

Police say the incident happened in the 1700 block of Collegewood Street at Candy Cane Park during an Ypsi-Arbor American Little League game. Witnesses say the man cut holes in two porta-potties that were side by side. They saw him go into a porta-potty whenever a woman entered and said they caught him recording through the holes as they used the bathroom.

When confronted about the incident, the man fled on foot, the witnesses said. They last saw him behind the Auto Zone on Washtenaw Avenue.

Police identified the man and arrested him at his home.

The porta-potties at the park will be replaced.

The little league released the following statement:

"Due to quick thinking and appropriate reactions by several parents and coaches, we are happy to hear that the individual responsible for this incident has been apprehended and is in police custody. We would like to especially thank the City of Ypsilanti Police Department for their immediate response and attentiveness to yesterday's incident at Candy Cane Park. Ypsi-Arbor American Little League remains committed to the safety of our players and spectators, in addition to teaching children the fundamentals of the game and giving them a sense of confidence while helping support their health and wellness."

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