Detroit woman wounded in shootout with home invaders

'Ms. Dee' shot in foot defending herself against group of men in home on Whitehill Street

DETROIT – A Detroit woman defended herself with gunfire early Tuesday morning when a group of men broke into her home.

The woman, who goes by the nickname Ms. Dee, said she was jolted awake around 2 a.m. when one of the men broke through her bedroom window of her home on Whitehill and pointed a gun in her face. Three or four more men followed behind.

"I was able to get to my gun. They didn't know I had it. By that time, it was just gunfire," Ms. Dee said.

She was hit in the foot and is expected to be OK. She said she believes at least one of the men was also shot.

Ms. Dee said she got a gun license after her home was broken into three years ago.

 "We are regular people. We work every day. Me and my fiancé, we work every day. We don't do drugs. We don't do none of that," Ms. Dee said.

A cancer survivor, she said she's glad to keep taking whatever life throws at her.

"I told the nurse at the doctor that I think I'm a cat, because I keep just going through stuff and God keeps pulling me through it," Ms. Dee said.