Family searches for clues in Allen Park man's deadly shooting in Detroit

DETROIT – David Gergel knew the area of Dix and Woodmere in southwest Detroit well.

That's where he was shot from behind coming up Woodmere. He was able to pull into a lot, but he later died. His family is desperate to find his killers. They are sharing one big clue.

"Losing him in any way ... but in this awful way, it's just unreal," said his sister, Rene Cizio.

The pain can be heard in Cizio's voice. Here's a photo of her 45-year-old brother winning an award for his custom car pain jobs the day before he was murdered:


The Allen Park man was in southwest Detroit at 2 p.m. Sept. 6 to pick up a payment on a paint job when he was shot and killed. His murder is devastating to his big family, who have deep ties to the city. Because there is no real motive for the crime, it's just maddening for those who loved Gergel.

"He was only driving. All he was doing was driving. That's it. For someone to take his life in this way, it's just unbelievable to us," said Cizio.

A black Cadillac was blocking the street at Woodmere and Dix when the murder happened. As Gergel drove around the car, someone in the Cadillac opened fire. One shot from a high-caliber weapon went through his driver's seat, hitting him in the back.

Gergel's family and Detroit police are searching for that car (pictured here).


Investigators found this image of the gunman's car on a homeowner's security camera.

On Thursday, Police Chief James Craig checked on the family.

"Even Chief Craig came in and asked us ... they don't know whose car it is either," said Cizio.

A $2,500 reward is being offered to anyone with information that leads to an arrest.

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