Huron Township couple says plane parts fell into backyard

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HURON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Local 4 has been looking into an issue of airplane parts falling into a couple's backyard, but why isn't the FAA also looking into it?

"This we found here over by a tree," said one neighbor of a plane part she said fell into a yard.

Neighbors Leslie Barns and Ann Miller say the pieces of plane easily could have hit them.

It appears the pieces landed right in their backyard in Huron Township. They say they usually sit outside and have a fire, but the pieces could have killed them.

Two pieces that were found fit together and look like an engine covering.

The Millers' house is exactly 5.2 miles from Metro Airport. Not only did the pieces fall in their yard, they believe they fell on Labor Day, and they haven't gotten any response from officials they've been calling since.

The Millers contacted Local 4 and we found that serial numbers on the pieces come back to aircraft company Short Brothers that make small transport aircraft. Some are used by delivery companies.

Local 4 sent the FAA this weekend video of the parts, showing them that it's clearly from a plane. The FAA says that is "impossible to tell," saying the people who found it have to call the police first.

"If law enforcement thinks it might be a plane, they will contact FAA, and an investigator can review the item(s)," said Elizabeth Isham Cory of the FAA

Contacting law enforcement is exactly what the Millers are going to do next.

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