VIDEO: 3 arrested after police chase ends in crash at I-96, Telegraph

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Three people are in custody after a police chase down I-96 ended in a crash at Telegraph Road. 

Sky 4 was over the chase as an older model Jeep Cherokee fled police until it crashed into a Coca-Cola truck trailer. 

Three people got out and ran on foot, but police were able to arrest them. 

What happened:

Police started pursuing suspects in a home invasion that happened Monday morning in Warren. The Jeep was stolen, too, police said.

The driver fled on several freeways. He started on westbound I-696, then proceeded on southbound I-275, but not before getting off briefly at Orchard Lake Road.

"He got on the freeway, back to southbound I-275, cutting people off, on the shoulder, excess speeds of over 95 miles per hour," said state police Sgt. Marcus Trammel. 

He maintained high rates of speed at upward of 100 miles per hour. 

Michigan State Police closed in on the speeding Jeep on eastbound I-96 in Livonia. The Jeep got off the interstate at Inkster Road, then briefly back onto the interstate before finally exiting at Telegraph Road, where it ran a red light and crashed into the truck's trailer in the eastbound I-96 Service Drive and Telegraph Road intersection.

"He exited up on the service drive a few times, ultimately coming through and running through this red light here at Telegraph, and t-boning this Coca-Cola truck," said Trammel. "

The driver of the Coca-Cola truck said the impact was a "shock," but he was not hurt. 

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Men ran into neighborhood after crash

All three men inside the Jeep fled on foot. One of them tried to hide under a trampoline in a backyard.

"I just heard him as he ran through my yard," said Vaughn Thompson. "They caught him under a trampoline. That wasn't a very good place to hide."

Officers took all three into custody in the area of Telegraph Road and I-96 in Redford Township. 

No serious injuries were reported.

Stolen vehicle

Margaret Heit woke up to see her red Jeep had been stolen right out of the driveway at her Southgate home last week. She had little hope of ever seeing it again—until Monday morning.

Her phone started ringing as Local 4 broadcast live video of a police chase in progress. Michigan State Police were in pursuit of a red Jeep, the three guys inside busted for a home invasion in Warren. 

Sure enough it was Heit’s Jeep. The vehicle only came to a stop after crashing into a truck. Police told Heit the Jeep was totaled. 

The 21-year-old nursing student told Local 4 she paid for the Jeep with her own money and she doesn’t have the cash to buy a new car.

“I just wish they’d been a little more thoughtful because they don’t know how much this is going to put me through,” Heit said. Right now she’s getting by with rides from friends.

Even though all three men tried run from police after they smashed Heit’s Jeep, police have all three in custody.

Watch an extended cut of the chase and crash video here



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