Top 7 amazing office spaces in Detroit

Basketball courts, game rooms, and urban elements; these offices have it all

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Downtown Detroit has changed dramatically over the last few years, and new companies have been popping up all over the map. 

Some of these companies have made it a point to embrace Detroit's rich urban culture with modern, unique, and fun spaces to work in.

Here are some of the coolest office spaces we know in Detroit:


1. LevelEleven

LevelEleven is a startup located in Downtown Detroit that focuses on keeping salespeople on track. Their lively atmosphere features modern furnishings, standup desks, and even an in office putt-putt green.


2. Xenith

Xenith is a company that sells football equipment such as helmets, shoulder-pads, and other football apparel. Their Woodward location shows a light, sports-loving culture with urban elements.


3. Tech Town Detroit

Tech Town is a tech accelerator and co-working space located in Downtown Detroit. The friendly open floor plan makes for a cool spot to add to the list.


4. Quicken Loans, Detroit

Quicken Loans has changed the face of Downtown Detroit in more ways than one. Their  downtown office, which is known for its features, includes a game room, cafe and even a basket ball court. 



5. Dpop

Dpop is an urban design firm located in Downtown Detroit. Their office makes for a great showcase of their talented designs with an in-house vault and modern meeting rooms. 



6. Grand Circus 

Grand Circus is a technical coding bootcamp located near the Detroit Opera House. Their open space design compliments their goal of providing an easy, modern atmosphere for those who work there.


7. Campbell Ewald

Campbell Ewald, located near Comerica park, is an advertising agency with an impressive space. Their office includes personal office cubes, and a space-age like architecture.


Campbell Ewald photography credit: Maconochie Photography