Suspected drunk driver charged after motorcyclists dies in Lincoln Park crash

A man has died after being hit by a suspected drunken driver in Lincoln Park, Wednesday, and the man responsible for the crash faced a judge Friday.

Those who knew Dennis Thomas had nothing but good things to say about him, and friends of Thomas say they’re mourning the fact that they didn’t get a chance to have more time with him.

"A lot of life, lot of vitality, loved life, he was wonderful with people” said Thomas’ co-worker, Marty Pelker. "He very rarely had a problem that he couldn't solve."

Before the crash, witnesses were making calls to police to report that a man in a pickup was driving erratically all over the road and occasionally on the lawns of nearby homes.

Thomas was riding his motorcycle back to work after a lunch break when the driver of the pickup slammed into him.

Thomas died a few hours later.

The driver, who was charged with reckless driving causing a death and driving on a suspended license, has since been identified as 22-year-old Kyle Galeski.

Charges against Galeski may be changed pending blood alcohol test results. If it is found that Galeski was in fact under the influence, he could face being charged with operating while impaired causing death, a felony which carries a possible 15-year sentence.

A memorial has been created near the 1-75 overpass to honor Thomas’ life and memory.

"You don't have a chance to say goodbye, you don't have a chance to say thank you “ said Pelker. “Or the goodbye kiss."

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