Kajavia Globe murder: Ex-boyfriend sentenced to 70-100 years

DETROIT – A Detroit man convicted of the murder of 24-year-old Kajavia Globe was sentenced Tuesday morning.

Maxwell Brack, 24, was sentenced to 70 to 100 years in prison for second-degree murder.

Globe was reported missing by her family Dec. 11.

Haunting images were released by police from surveillance video at an ATM at 7 Mile and Telegraph roads of a suspect wearing a Halloween mask using Globe’s ATM card.

Globe’s body was found Dec. 15 in a trash container in the 18500 block of Fielding Street. A neighbor first found the body in a garbage can. Her car was found abandoned a day before her body was found. According to police, evidence collected from the car indicated a crime was committed.

The medical examiner ruled Globe’s death as a homicide but was unable to determine how Globe died.

Crowds took to the streets demanding justice for Globe.

Brack, Globe's ex-boyfriend, was arrested Feb. 5 and charged with open murder the next day. Globe’s mother said Brack was abusive and that police “got the right person.”

A jury returned a guilty verdict for Brack in August.

The sentencing

Globe's youngest sister, A'nia Lawrence, spoke first at the sentencing.

“I just want to say that I’m torn apart,” said Lawrence, youngest sister to Globe. “I hope that he suffers.”

Another sister of Globe's spoke on her behalf.

"I lost my backbone," Alandriana Burns said. "I lost everything ... I'm Thelma and she's Louise. I don't have my sister no more. I just want everybody to know hurt is not a word. Destroy is not a word ... why couldn't you have just taken us together, because I never wanted to have to live without my sister."

Globe's mother had harsh words for Brack during the sentencing.

"He was destroying her life," Lashanda Globe said. "When she decided to say goodbye to Maxwell, he took her life. She was on a road to success. She was going to drop that zero, because she had found her hero. And her mother was happy … and he knew I thought he was trash!”

The prosecutor asked for the top guidelines in sentencing

“He set her on the curb like it was another trash day,” the prosecutor said. “After he was convicted, he sat in this chair and laughed with his attorney. He laughed at second-degree murder. There’s nothing funny about that.”

Brack maintained his innocence during sentencing. He had five previous misdemeanors and two felonies before this conviction. He blamed his upbringing for his violent tendencies.

Judge Cynthia Gray Hathaway said the sentencing guidelines were not sufficient and sentenced Brack to 70 to 100 years in prison. She said the last ten years of his sentence was for the utter disrespect Brack showed when he was convicted.