Video: Creepy clown allegedly spotted at car wash in Clinton Township

Clown seen waving to drivers at night

The creepy clown epidemic has apparently spread to Metro Detroit.

In a video posted to Twitter this weekend, a creepy clown is seen standing near a car wash, waving to the person shooting the video. (Scroll down for video)

The tweet says, "We just saw this clown on Cass and Moravian. He tried to follow our car. This is getting insane."

The video was posted on Oct. 2, around 2:45 a.m. - it has since been retweeted more than 6,000 times.

Cass and Moravian is Clinton Township, Michigan. Police are not currently investigating any clowns in the area.

The creepy clown problem has been causing issues around the country. 

The trouble started when residents of a South Carolina apartment complex began telling their landlord that loiterers with blinking noses and big shoes were lurking in the woods near the building, flashing laser lights, offering money to kids and traipsing into the dumpster area late at night. 

Just as things began to calm down in South Carolina, more clusters of clown sightings were reported in neighboring North Carolina, leading to one incident in which a would-be vigilante claimed he grabbed a machete and chased a rogue funnyman.

Check out the video below. (Warning: Some of the language used is strong)

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