Detroit man arrested in connection with graffiti threats against police

DETROIT – A man has been arrested in connection with threatening graffiti left on a wall on Detroit's east side, according to sources.

Police said the message painted on the wall in black and white threatened Detroit police Chief James Craig.

"Kill all police," was written on the wall in white. "Kill James Craig" was written just below it in black.

Police believe the message was spray-painted on the wall sometime during the night.

Officers said they have increased their awareness after seeing the message. They said they take the threat extremely seriously, even though threats against police have become more common.

"Cowards," Craig said of the people who left the message. "There's only one thing to say. Not one of them would do the job that our men and women in blue would do. We run toward gunfire. They run away. They're cowards. They hide behind the basements of their parents' home in some instances. In this case, the person probably came out at dark and did this."

Police said the suspect  could face felony terror threat charges, if convicted.

"Given the environment that we're in today, we don't take threats lightly," Craig said. "Any time you threaten a Detroit police officer, and now the Detroit police chief, that's a threat on all of us."

A person who lives near the building and a worker at the business said the same message was left on the wall two weeks ago. When it was reported, city workers came out and power-washed it off.

Police said they didn't know about the other instance, but now they are investigating that, too.

The suspect, sources say, was arrested in his home around 9 p.m. Friday.

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