Valet troubles arise when woman's car was given to wrong person

DETROIT – A woman and her fiancé used the Premier Parking valet service to park their car at the DMC Harper Professional Building in Detroit using Premier Parking and when they tried to retrieve their car, it was gone.

The incident on Oct. 25th, when Chantell Davis went to the hospital for an appointment.

"I was tired. I was hurting and I was in pain and I wanted to get home," Davis said .

However, Davis said she encountered a lot of problems when she tried to get her car back with her fiancé.

"The ticket [valet ticket] was never filled out. It was never logged in," she said.

Then six days later, Davis said she got a call saying Premier Parking found her vehicle, but when she went to pick it up, the car was heavily damaged.

"This is auto theft. This is a problem. Somebody from valet took this car. They scratched it up. They were joy riding for six days. There are leaves all in here. The chair on the driver side is ripped. They had been smoking, this is a non-smoking car. Ash trays and whoever was smoking, the cigarette butts are still in there," she said.

She also said items were missing from her car.

"My prescription glasses, the case was in here, glasses gone. Medication in the glove compartment, gone. My son's birthday stuff, gone. His shoes and stuff, gone," she said.

Premier Parking released a statement:

"Premier Parking is a leading professional parking management company that has served the Detroit area since 2013. On October 25th, one of our parking attendants mistakenly provided the incorrect vehicle to a customer at an area facility.This was an honest and highly unusual error, that occurred because two separate vehicles, belonging to two different customers, were the exact same make, model, and color. One of these vehicles was mistakenly taken home by the wrong customer. Immediately upon learning of this error, our company worked diligently to return the vehicle to its correct owner. Premier is working to resolve the situation appropriately with our customers and regrets that this error happened."

Davis said Premier also told her that her vehicle was given to someone else, and that it was an elderly man that took the vehicle home.

"An elderly man is going to know his own car," she said.

Davis wants more answers from Premier Parking about where the vehicle was located and who was driving it and why.

"They are 110 percent responsible for this car," she said.

DMC Harper is not connected to the Premier Parking company. The valet company is an independent business.

About the Author:

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