Family members feel impact after man killed by driver in downtown Detroit

Maurice Mims, 64, struck by hit-and-run driver Friday night

DETROIT – After a driver fatally struck Maurice Mims, 64, in a crosswalk downtown Friday night, the impact is being felt by the entire Mims family.

Dwayne Mims pointed out his hero, his brother, Maurice, one of 17 children to his mother and father.

"I idolized my brother," Dwayne Mims said. "He was the first one to be in the military outside of my father."

Maurice Mims was a Marine. Veterans Day was important to him. He always met his other brothers and nephews, who are also veterans, for dinner.

Friday night, no one could reach Maurice Mims. He was hit and killed just after 5:30 p.m. at Randolph and Larned streets in downtown Detroit.

Security camera footage captured a glimpse of the silver Chevy Impala that hit Mims and kept going.

The police officer with Mims at the hospital recognized him as a Mumford High School classmate. That officer then called Mims' sister-in-law, who is a retired Detroit police commander, to break the news.

The family of service said they were taught to stop and help, not hit and run.

"But today, you hit somebody, not even knowing who or what that person is about. If he has kids. If he's a mother, if he's a father, whatever. You hit and run and don't even think about it. How could you possibly live with yourself?" Dwayne Mims asked. "You hit and you run you don't say anything. Like my mother says, 'Whatever is done in the dark will come to the light.'"

Maurice Mims' 86-year-old mother, Sally, known as "Mother Mims," forgives the driver, but also says, "Turn yourself in."

"It would be a good thing for that young man or whoever to turn himself in and everything will be alright," Sally Mims said. "I don't have nothing against him. If he just comes and just give up."

Is there anyway Mims wasn't in the crosswalk when he was hit? His family said no way. The Marine was all about law and order, and always crossed in a crosswalk.

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