Priceless Gifts: What's the best holiday gift you've received that didn't cost money?

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Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. The holidays are here. Well, at least, shopping for the holidays is here. 

We'll track all of the deals and stories that come out of these holy days for retailers (like a one-day sale at Apple Stores), but we'd like your help telling a different holiday story. Yes, this is season for buying and giving, but often our most precious gifts cost little or nothing at all. That's where you come in. 

What are the best holiday gifts you've received that didn't cost any money? Maybe it was a handmade gift? Or a surprise visit? An engagement? A birth? (And, of course, any of those cost money, but go with the spirit of those moments, not the medical bills or the cost of the ring.) 

Share your stories below and we'll collect them to share on ClickOnDetroit and during our shows. One of our reporters may even get in touch to learn more about your story. 

Share your priceless gift using the form below. Question? Contact us at: clickondetroit@wdiv.com