Jill Stein files federal lawsuit to try to force Michigan recount

Move comes after Donald Trump sues to block recount

DETROIT – It's the election that just won't end.

Jill Stein has filed a federal lawsuit to try to force Michigan to conduct a recount.

Her move comes just hours after Donald Trump filed his own lawsuit, asking the state Supreme Court to intervene and stop the recount.

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It has been a day of drama and billable hours for all the attorneys representing both sides here, and still the central question -- Will Michigan be forced to do a hand recount of its 4.8 million votes? -- is unanswered.

The Board of State Canvassers, which makes this call, is made up of two Democrats and two Republicans. They deadlocked along party lines Friday, which meant the recount would proceed, but then the lawsuits started flying.

Trump's legal team sued the state's elections director, and the Board of State Canvassers claimed Green Party candidate Jill Stein does not have legal standing to force a recount.

Meanwhile, Stein sued the same elections officials, demanding that the recount proceed.

So now you have two different courts with this issue before them.

The Trump team and the Michigan attorney general are asking the Michigan Supreme Court to hear their cases.

Stein has gone to federal court in Detroit, hoping to have her case heard.

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