37 kilos of suspected cocaine seized from fruit truck at Ambassador Bridge


WINDSOR, Ontario – Border agents seized 37 kilograms of suspected cocaine at the Ambassador Bridge last month from a man hauling fruit.

According to authorities, a man was hauling a load of fruit from the U.S. to Canada on Dec. 27 and after primary questioning, an officer referred the truck and trailer for a secondary examination.

Some 30 bricks of suspected cocaine were found concealed in the trailer totaling 37 kilograms, according to the Canada Border Services Agency.

The man was arrested and charged under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act with the importation of cocaine and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

“This cocaine seizure shows that the CBSA’s efforts to stop drug smuggling are working. I am proud of our officers who are working hard to ensure our borders are not used for illegal activities,” CBSA Regional Director General Rick Comerford said.