Dramatic dashcam video shows deadly crash during Dearborn Heights police chase

Sheldon Hornbuckle, woman passenger killed in crash

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – Local 4 has exclusive dashcam footage of a Dearborn Heights police chase and crash that killed two people when it ended in Inkster.

Weeks after the crash, there are still more questions than answers.

It's still unclear why a man driving a car around 5 a.m. near Dartmouth and Bayhan streets ran from Dearborn Heights police. The driver crashed his car during the chase, fatally injuring himself and killing his passenger.

The view from a Dearborn Heights police car shows the moment when the driver, who police say was  fleeing officials, lost control and slammed into a tree.

It was just a minute and 15 seconds earlier when officers first spotted the silver car driving. Video shows the officer activating his lights, but the driver does not pull over. Instead, Sheldon Hornbuckle races down residential streets, prompting the chase.

The crash instantly killed the woman riding with him. Police said the officer tried to pull the car over because a headlight was out. While the video clearly shows that the driver failed to stop, it's unclear how fast he was driving, or why he didn't pull over.

"He'd be the one to have the answer to that, but it's obviously not worth it, given the outcome," Dearborn Heights police Capt. Michael Petri said.