Man saves family from Inkster apartment fire; residents lose all possessions

INKSTER – A family getting ready to host a baby shower for its fourth child who is due in a month now has to put the celebration on hold after a fire ripped through their third-level apartment in Inkster Saturday morning.

"When I opened the door, whoosh! A big, old flame came rushing through the door," said Jeremy, who declined to give his last name, said. 

Jeremy, who lives in the home with his fiancée and three children, said he noticed smoke and fire in the hallway of his apartment, and immediately sprang into action.

"I grabbed two sheets, tied them to the balcony and said we got to get out of here!" he said.

Cellphone video taken of the fire shows just how intense the flames inside the building were.

One woman in another unit said her sister was badly injured when she jumped from the third floor.
Another man said he lost everything in the fire.

"Everything I got is gone, got to start from scratch," said Derrick Stovall, who lived in the building.

Jeremy usually works midnight shifts stocking shelves at Kroger. He says he’s thankful that he had the night off otherwise he wouldn’t have been there to save his family.

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