How to prepare for a power outage

DETROIT – Power outages are expected Wednesday with a High Wind Warning in Metro Detroit.


Here are some tips on dealing with and preparing for a power outage from DTE:

Be Prepared

  • Assemble an emergency kit in advance.
  • Battery-powered radio or television (the news media will provide updates on when electricity will be restored)
  • Flashlights or battery-operated lanterns
  • Extra batteries
  • Candles with holders
  • Matches
  • Bottled water
  • Manual can opener
  • Nonperishable food
  • Disposable plates and utensils
  • Wind-up or battery-powered clock
  • Corded telephone (cordless phones don't work when the power goes out and your cell phone may not work if cell towers are affected)
  • Make a list of emergency phone numbers

Keep a list of emergency phone numbers handy. Include DTE Energy's toll-free number, 800.477.4747. Call this number and use our automated system to report power outages or downed wires.

You may also report a power problem online from a location that has power or by using to report an outage from your mobile device.

Other preparedness tips

  • If you use electrically powered life-support equipment, ask your doctor about emergency battery backup systems.
  • Protect sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers, televisions and other devices, with surge suppressors.
  • Make sure you know how to safely reset your circuit breaker or change fuses. Keep extra fuses on hand.
  • If a well is your source for water, plan ahead to determine how you will get drinking water. Store containers of water for cooking and washing.
  • Know how to open your garage door manually if it is equipped with an automatic opener.
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers additional emergency preparedness tips. To learn more visit or call 800.480.2520.

Report your outage or voltage problem
Check your neighborhood. If you are the only one without power, check your circuit breakers or fuses. Reset or replace them as necessary.

Report a power outage or downed wire online or call 800.477.4747 and use our automated phone system. Please do not assume we know you are without power or that a line is down.

If you have power, but are experiencing low-voltage conditions, shut off motor-driven appliances and equipment to avoid damage. Unplug sensitive electronic devices, such as televisions and computers. Report low-voltage conditions online or by calling 800.477.4747.
Stay at least 20 feet away from downed power lines because they may be charged with electricity. Keep children and pets away, too.

Now customers can use their iPhone or Android phone to report a power problem using the DTE Energy Mobile app, available free of charge from the Apple Store and Android Market. Customers can report an outage, check on the status of an outage, and view our outage map, all from their smart phones.

Get a restoration estimate
For a status report on your power outage, get a restoration estimate online or call 800.477.4747 and use our automated system.

During severe storms, it may take several hours for us to analyze the extent of electric system damage and develop restoration schedules. Estimates may be revised if damage is more severe than anticipated or continuing severe weather delays our restoration efforts.

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