Video of officer using stun gun on dog in Roseville goes viral

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – Police are investigating after a video shared thousands of times on Facebook shows an officer using a stun gun on a dog in Roseville.

The dog's owner was the one who called police when the pit terrier got loose in the neighborhood.

"Hi, I need help from somebody to try to get my dog," the owner said on the 911 call.

Neighbors started rolling their cameras as the situation escalated.

In the video, one officer is armed with a stun gun while the other is holding a catchpole.

In the 911 call, the owner told police the dog was recently adopted.

"He snuck out through the back door," the owner said on the 911 call. "He just will not come home. And I don't want him biting anybody. He doesn't bite, but he's pretty intimidating. He likes to run up on people and bark."

Officers were eventually able to force the dog into their vehicle.

Detroit Pit Crew, an organization that rescues stray dogs, said the animal was not a threat.

The woman who recorded the video did not want to be identified, but called the incident horrifying.

"I just want cops to be better trained," she said.

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