Man arrested for wearing "inappropriate" breast cancer shirt


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Over the weekend, a man was asked to leave a restaurant after refusing to remove his t-shirt, that supported breast cancer awareness.

Brian Studdard was asked to leave Niki's West restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama after the hostess said his shirt was inappropriate.

The bright pink shirt he was wearing has the words "Breast Matter" and a drawing of breasts on it.

Studdard was in town from Atlanta to attend a birthday party for his 99-year-old father and was wearing the shirt in remembrance of a friend who recently died from breast cancer. His sister is also a survivor of breast cancer.

The restaurant says its policy states "modest" dress is required to dine and they thought Studdard's shirt did not adhere to their guideline.

Police were called and told Studdard that if he returned to the restaurant he would be arrested for trespassing.