Video shows flying concrete smash into car windshield on I-696

Dashcam shows concrete smash into windshield near Dequindre exit

DETROIT – A fourth driver said his car was also hit by a flying chunk of concrete on I-696, and this time it was caught on video.

The driver's dashcam shows the flying concrete smash into his windshield near the Dequindre exit.

"The car in front of me happened to go on the shoulder just a little bit, just launched a chunk of pavement into the air," driver Doug Bemis said.

The side pane kept the cement from coming all the way through.

"I thought it was a fluke," Bemis said.

But this week, Theresa Thomas was knocked unconscious when a football size chunk of the road came through her windshield, causing a crash. Local 4 News found there were more along the same stretch of I-696.

But this happened to Bemis in March, so needless to say, he was perplexed.

"Surprised to see many people have been hit by the same chunk of cement I got it with a few months ago," Bemis said.

Local 4 News knows the Michigan Department of Transportation is responsible for keeping the road safe, but the  state and municipalities have governmental immunity.

Legal expert Neil Rockind said if motorists are reporting the problem to MDOT, then legal action is on the table.

"They are aware of it. They've been informed of it. They've been apprised of the problem. It's been presented to them that's it's causing harm, and yet the problem isn't getting fixed," Rockind said.