VIDEO: Looters strike Houston beauty store in wake of Hurricane Harvey

Police in Houston have released surveillance video of several people looting a beauty supply store in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Footage of the August 29 incident shows an SUV packed with people pulling up to the beauty supply store. The group uses at least two hammers and a crowbar to pry open the door. Once inside, the looters begin ransacking and stealing goods by the armful. They load back into the SUV, with some riding on top, and take off.

Later, two other suspects arrive in a boat that police say was stolen. The store was targeted by several groups of people.

At one point, a suspect is seen trying to make off with a safe, but it proves to be a bit more than he can handle.

Watch the video above.

According to KPRC, Houston police are trying to identify each of the people responsible for the burglary.

The store owner said they counted about 300 people over seventeen hours of surveillance footage.

Officials say that since the crimes occurred during a natural disaster, the penalty range is at an enhanced level.

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