3 teens hospitalized after being pranked into eating marijuana-laced cereal at Warren school

Middle school students taken to hospital after eating pot-laced Cookie Crisp

WARREN, Mich. – A prank at a Warren middle school sent three teenagers to the hospital after they consumed edible marijuana.

The Science and Math Academy called three parents Wednesday to inform them that their children had been taken to the hospital because of the prank. School officials also called in police to investigate the incident.

The students involved are eighth-graders, and the student who's in trouble with police is in ninth grade.

Officials said the prank happened Wednesday morning and started as innocently as taking breakfast cereal from a classmate.

Parent Majoria McCloud, of Eastpointe, and her daughter, Destiny, who ate the cereal, talked about the prank after Destiny got out of St. John's Hospital.

"I got a phone call from the school, and, 'Your daughter received a drug, edible item, marijuana from a high schooler,'" McCloud said.

"We just kept crying out of nowhere, and we would start laughing," Destiny said. "Then we'd go back again crying and laughing. It was all just weird."

"It was laced with synthetic marijuana, so I was told by the authorities," McCloud said. "(The school said), 'You need to come get here. She's crying and she's frantic and she's high.'"

Destiny is in her third year at the Math and Science Academy. Her mother said it is a good school and her daughter gets good grades.

She's even told her daughter not to take things from people she doesn't know, which she apparently did Wednesday morning.

She and two of her friends ate some Cookie Crisp cereal and wound up in a bad way.

"Me and all my friends didn't smell a thing, or we didn't, like, suspect anything was wrong with it, because it did look like normal cereal," Destiny said.

Her mother dropped everything at work and rushed to St. John's.

"I immediately grabbed her and hugged her because she was scared out of her mind," McCloud said. "She didn't know what was going on."

"I was scared," Destiny said. "I thought I was going to die."

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