Larry Nassar pleads guilty to 3 more criminal sexual conduct charges

6 other charges reduced, 4 dropped as part of plea agreement

EATON COUNTY, Mich. – Larry Nassar has pleaded guilty to three charges of criminal sexual conduct in Michigan's Eaton County.

Nassar, 54, faced 13 counts of criminal sexual conduct in Eaton County. As part of his plea agreement six other charges will be reduced and four will be dropped. He will be sentenced Jan. 31 in Eaton County. He faces a minimum of 25 years in prison. 

The former Team USA and Michigan State University gymnastics physician already pleaded guilty last week in Ingham County to seven charges for sexually abusing young girls. 

Nassar offered a statement of remorse last week and told the court he hopes his guilty plea will help the community move forward and heal. 

"I think this is important, that what I've done today, to help move a community forward and away from the hurting, and let the healing start. That's a couple things that I can do to stop the hurting is this. And I think that's important," he said. "For all those involved ... I'm so horribly sorry that this was like a match that turned into a forest fire out of control. I pray the rosary every day for forgiveness ... I want them to heal. I want this community to heal. I have no animosity towards anyone. I just want healing, it's time. I guess that's the biggest thing. We need to move forward in a sense of growth and healing, and I pray that."

His sentencing in Ingham County is scheduled for Jan. 12, 2018. The judge said victims -- all 125 of them -- will be allowed to speak. It is expected to last all day and will continue until all victims have a chance to speak, said Judge Rosemarie Aquilina. 

Nassar pleads guilty to child pornography charges

In July, Nassar pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. The physician was arrested last year on the child pornography charges including receipt and attempted receipt of child pornography, possession of child pornography, and destruction and concealment of records and tangible objects. 

Nassar agreed to plead guilty to all of those charges. As part of the plea agreement he will not be prosecuted for sexual exploitation and attempted sexual exploitation of children, as well as interstate or international travel with intent and engaging in illicit sexual conduct. Those charges were related to an incident which is alleged to have occurred in Nassar's swimming pool with two children in the summer of 2015. 

A court document alleged that on Sept. 18, 2004 and Dec. 1, 2004, Nassar received child pornography that was sent to him over the Internet. The document says that between Feb. 6, 2003 and Sept, 20, 2016, Nassar was in possession of computer disks and electronic files that had thousands of images of child pornography. Some of the images allegedly included a minor who was younger than 12 years old, officials said. 

By pleading guilty, Nassar admits he knowingly received child pornography, knew that the material was child pornography and that it had been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce by any means, including a computer. 

He could face no less than 5 years and not more than 20 years in prison. He also could have to pay a $250,000 fine for each count. His sentencing in this case is scheduled for Dec. 7. 

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