Mismatch podcast: The Terrible Tragedy of Daniel Dodge

Mismatch podcast: The Terrible Tragedy of Daniel Dodge.

Mismatch is a podcast that tells stories about the things in life that just don’t fit. Square pegs in round holes of media, culture and history.

On this episode of "Mismatch," we share The Terrible Tragedy of Daniel Dodge.

John Francis Dodge helped put the world on wheels. He and his brother, Horace, founded the Dodge Brothers Motor Company in 1913. John and his wife, Matilda, had a son, Daniel.

Daniel was one of the wealthiest young men in the country. He grew up in palatial Meadowbrook Hall in suburban Detroit. But he felt much more at home on a remote island in Canada where the family owned a home. It was there where he met and fell in love with Laurine McDonald. Neither the McDonald’s or Dodge families supported the relationship. But Daniel and Laurie didn’t care what their parents thought. And then tragedy struck.

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