WATCH: Victims address former doctor Larry Nassar at sentencing in sexual abuse cases

Nearly 100 victims expected to speak at sentencing

LANSING, Mich. – Nearly 100 victims are expected to appear and speak during the sentencing hearing for former gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar who has plead guilty to several counts of sexual abuse and assault.

Nassar has plead guilty to abusing young girls for decades. His main sentencing hearing started on Tuesday and is expected to last at least four days with nearly 100 victims speaking.

MSU president attends day two of Nassar sentencing

The president of Michigan State University was in court for the second day of victims speaking at Larry Nassar's sentencing.

You can watch Nick Monacelli's full report below:

Below you'll find victim statements as they are being made. This list will be updated throughout the day. (Warning: Strong, disturbing language in videos)

Kyle Stephens was the first victim to address the court. She was six years old when Nassar began abusing her.

“You convinced my parents that I was liar,” Stephens said. “You are a repulsive liar. Little girls don’t stay little girls forever.” 

Stephen’s father killed himself after finding out the truth. Watch her statement below:

Jessica Thomashow, 17, was given permission from her parents to be identified at the hearing and told the court about her first serious injury.

“I went into the back room and that’s when everything changed,” Thomashow said. “You took advantage of my innocence and my trust.”

Thomashow described multiple sexual assaults in Nassar’s office. Watch her statement below:

The mother of Chelsea Markham discussed how these crimes affected families.

Markham killed herself in March 2009. 

“Every day I miss her and it all started with him,” she told the court. “It has destroyed our family.” Watch it below:

Jade Capua told the court how Nassar stole her innocence and made her world a terrifying place.

“You broke and shattered a lot of girls,” Capua said. “You manipulated us to trust you because you’re a doctor and doctors do no wrong, only heal. You are not a healer.” Watch her statement below:

Alexis Moore said believes Nassar should never see or be in contact with a young person ever again.

“As a nation we need to take control,” Moore said. “Sexual offenders need to know that they cannot continue with the crimes they are committing and that no matter how long it takes for a survivor to come forward, their crimes will be exposed and their actions will be admonished.”

Watch her statement below:

Olivia Cowan talked about how she struggles to find peace in her life and how the abuse she suffered has affected her family.

“My deepest pain and fear was the thought of my two young daughters ever being hurt like this,” Cowan said.

Watch her statement below:

Rebecca Mark began seeing Nassar as a high school freshman.

“I see how devious and practiced it must have been for him,” Mark said. 

Watch her statement below:

Bethany Bauman said she is angry with herself for not recognizing the abuse sooner.

“Having to relive my experiences over and over, almost 20 years later, brings back so many memories and emotions,” Bauman said. “We all trusted Larry and are angry at the way you deceived us.”

Watch her statement below:

Kate Mahon was 15 years old when she was first abused by Nassar.

“Larry Nassar is a master manipulator,” Mahon said. “His conniving and calculating behavior not only tricked me, but he tricked my mom, who was present for all of my appointments as a minor.” 

Watch her statement below:

Danielle Moore said Nassar’s abuse caused her to feel worthless.

“I’m sure you do feel sorry for yourself so I hope that your self-pity is as dark and more terrifying than my feeling of worthlessness,” Moore said.

The judge reassured Moore that her value is immeasurable. 

Watch her statement below:

Annette Hill addressed the court before an attorney read her statement.

“I always try to be strong for my children and I can’t be that strong person anymore,” Hill said.

Watch her statement below:

Amanda Cormier was referred to Nassar by his wife. She explained to the court how she still doesn’t feel comfortable will male doctors.

“It is ridiculously embarrassing to have to take extreme precaution for my medical care,” Cormier said. 

Cormier is currently pregnant and said being around doctors causes her anxiety. 

Watch her statement below:

Jennifer Rood Bedford spoke for over twenty minutes and braved through tears as she described in graphic detail the abuse she endured under Nassar.

“Fighting to remain at a place of peace will be a battle I fight for the rest of my life,” Rood Bedford said.

Watch her statement below:

Nicole Soos said she was hesitant to speak before the court but realized that fear and shame was keeping her from standing up to Nassar.

“He used his power and position in society to earn our trust so that he could use us for his own sexual pleasure,” Soos said.

Watch her statement below:

Ashley Erickson talked about the difficulty in her life to trust people since the assaults.

“I have no trust left for anyone because you took that away,” Erickson said.

Watch her statement below:

Melissa Imrie told the court about how she broke her tail bone during a competition and how Nassar treated it.

Imrie also told the court about the officials wanted to protect the institution’s reputation more than protecting the athletes.

Watch her statement below:

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