Should marijuana be legal in Michigan? 57% of voters say yes

Exclusive Local 4-Detroit News poll

DETROITWith a proposal to legalize recreational Marijuana in Michigan likely heading to the 2018 ballot in November's election, a new poll reveals where voters stand on the controversial measure.

An exclusive Local 4-Detroit News poll found 56.6% of voters support the proposal while 36.7% oppose it.

6.7% of voters were undecided.

Here's what else the poll found:

Party                Support           Oppose

Strong Dem     71.5%              24.3%

Lean Dem       67.0%              24.9%

Independent    51.1%              41.3%

Lean GOP       44.7%              48.4%

Strong GOP    43.5%              53.4%


 The poll was conducted by the Glengariff Group, Inc and surveyed 600 Michigan residents who would likely vote in November's 2018 General Election.