Pet raccoon brought to Indianapolis fire station after owners say it overdosed on 'too much' weed

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Confusion ensued at an Indianapolis fire station early Friday morning when a distressed woman showed up with her pet raccoon that she said was stoned off too much marijuana.

Fire Captain Michael Pruitt told WRTV that the raccoon's owners were worried it was overdosing after having been exposed to "too much" of someone else's weed. Not knowing what else to do, they brought it to the fire station.

Pruitt described the baked bandit as "very lethargic."

"There wasn’t really much we could do," Pruitt told WRTV. "It was just the sort of thing that was going to take time.”

Recordings of radio chatter revealed that officers were baffled over exactly what substance the raccoon was high on. "Apparently they have a pet raccoon that got into their meth," one officer can be heard saying.

Listen to the recordings below:

Eventually, the furry fiend was taken home to sleep off its high.

“We hope that everything worked out with the raccoon,” Pruitt told WRTV. “We’d be sad to hear that it didn’t.”

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