66 people losing employment after 3 New Center Community Services close

Permanent layoffs begin May 14

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DETROIT – Three New Center Community Services are closing, and 66 employees will be losing their jobs because of the closures.

New Center Community Services is a Detroit-based private nonprofit community mental health center that provides behavioral health services.

The nonprofit is "designed to enable individuals and families to function at their fullest potential in the community and to prevent recurring crises and psychiatric hospitalizations," according to its website.

The closures are expected to result in permanent layoffs, which begin Monday, May 14 and finish Thursday, May 31.

The closure is a result of "unforeseen business circumstances," according to a letter sent by Vice President of Administration and Operations Tiffany Daniel to Krista Johnson, a manager at one of the New Center Community Services locations.

The letter also says New Center Community Services will "ensure employees will be paid all earned wages and agreed upon benefits at the time of their layoff."

The three locations set to close are listed below:

  • 2051 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit
  • 10001 Puritan Ave., Detroit
  • 14006 John R, Highland Park