Officials request removal of Dino Bucci from Macomb Township board of trustees

Bucci indicted in Macomb County corruption probe

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The federal indictment handed down to former Macomb Public Works official Dino Bucci is the heftiest in the ongoing Macomb County corruption probe.

Bucci is also a sitting trustee on the Macomb Township board, but he hasn't been showing up to work for months. Now, the governor is being asked to remove him from office for failing to do any work.

Bucci's seat has been vacant since the indictment was handed down against him.

Macomb Township trustee Tim Bussineau said Bucci hasn't been to a meeting in five months.

"It's just absurd," Bussineau said.

Township officials have already asked Bucci to resign, but he didn't. They sent a letter to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder asking for Bucci's removal because of the federal charges, but now they said his failure to show up to work is an abdication of duty.

"Essentially, he's stealing from the taxpayers of Macomb Township," Macomb County Commissioner Leon Drolet said. "He's collecting benefits and providing no service of any sort to the citizens of the township."

Drolet asked Snyder to remove Bucci, while Bussineau and most of the board members are telling the township attorney to get the paper trail ready to send to Snyder.

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