Coast Guard issues warning that Great Lakes water temperatures could cause hypothermia

Water temps below 77 considered cold


CLEVELAND – The Coast Guard issued a reminder Saturday that water temperatures in the Great Lakes are cold enough to quickly cause hypothermia.

According to the Coast Guard, water temperatures less than 77 degrees are considered cold. Boaters and others on the water should dress for the water temperature, not the air temperature.

Unexpected entry into cold water can lead to a sympathetic gasp reflex, causing the inhalation of water and drowning. 

Great Lakes water temperatures Saturday:

  • Lake Michigan: 59 degrees
  • Lake Superior: 38 degrees
  • Lake Huron: 39-44 degrees
  • Lake Erie: 65-70 degrees
  • Lake Ontario: 54 degrees

Check up-to-date water temperatures here.

Mariners are reminded to file a float plan by telling a trusted, shoreside source where they plan to go, how long they think they'll be there and when they expect to return. 

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