AAA Michigan provides 7 tips on driving safe and sober this Fourth of July

Highest number of travelers in Michigan in 18 years of tracking from AAA


DEARBORN, Mich. – The American Automobile Association (AAA) is predicting that more than 1.5 million Michigan residents will travel somewhere during the Fourth of July on Wednesday, the highest number of travelers expected since AAA began tracking these numbers 18 years ago.

It also predicts nearly 90 percent of those travelers will be driving a vehicle, and with that comes higher risks of car accidents. And with that comes a higher risk of people driving under the influence. 

"Everyone deserves to have a safe Independence Day holiday," said Michigan public affairs director for AAA Susan Hiltz. "We urge travelers to make arrangements for safe transportation and to avoid driving impaired."

With all of that said, the auto club has put out seven tips on how to avoid drivers under the influence and how to have a safe day of traveling on the Fourth of July.

  • Always drive sober. 
  • Designate an alcohol and other drug-free driver before your plans start.
  • Check out AAA's Great Pretenders Party Guide, which gives you some nonalcoholic beverage options.
  • Use TOW TO GO if you have had too much to drink. TOW TO GO is a free program in Michigan offered by AAA that will give you a confidential ride to a safe location within 10 miles. AAA two trucks takes the vehicle and driver home. Anyone can use TOW TO GO, and it is available from July 3 until 6 a.m. July 5. If you don't want to use TOW TO GO, call a cab, Uber or Lyft, or plan to stay the night somewhere if you've had too much to drink.
  • Learn more about the effects of alcohol on driving and AAA's efforts to reduce alcohol and other drug-related injuries and deaths.
  • Never ride in a vehicle with an intoxicated driver.
  • Always report impaired drivers to local police.