Neighbor writes anti-fireworks letter to Macomb County residents; 'I'll make your life miserable'

Neighbors on Dove Lane receive warning

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Neighbors on Dove Lane in Chesterfield Township received a typed letter in the mail recently warning them not to set off fireworks during the summer holiday. 

UPDATE: Macomb County residents who received threatening letter about fireworks ignore warning

The letter is not from the township. It's from one of their own neighbors who has had enough of the noise. 

The letter's author explains they work a 4 a.m. to 2 p.m. shift. The fireworks were so loud last year they could barely sleep, they wrote. They hope neighbors won't be setting off the explosions this year. 

Fair enough? Well, police are concerned about the threatening tone in the letter. 

" ... if this happens again this year, I don't care who had the party or lights the fireworks this year, I will make yours, and your neighbors' lives miserable for days and months to come. I will take my frustrations out on the whole Dove Lane block, and I'll keep the retaliations lasting forever," reads the letter. 

The letter has been popping up in mailboxes along Dove Lane. Police are taking this very seriously. They are patrolling the neighborhood. 

If anyone does set off a firework in the neighborhood, it's unclear if any criminal charges could follow. 

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